Privacy & Confidentiality


Confidentiality in Psychotherapy:

It is natural for you to want to be reassured that if you enter therapy the privacy of our conversations in sessions is something you can count on.

I hold your confidentiality as sacred; it is essential to the trust that must exist in our therapuetic relationship in order for treatment to be effective. I will never disclose information about you or about our work together without your knowledge and authorization.

The law specifically recognizes and safeguards the confidentiality of therapist-client communication. There are some specific exceptions, where a therapist is mandated by law to bypass confidentiality in order to protect the life of the client, the life of someone else who has been threatened, or if there is suspicion of abuse of a child or a vulnerable elder.

Should you have any questions about your privacy or the confidentiality of your therapy, please do not hesitate to speak with me directly about it.

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