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Here are some websites you may find helpful:

Eating Disorders:

Eating Disorder Resources ~ Gurze Books
Information about bulima, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating disorder; books, dvds, and more

Something Fishy: Website on Eating Disorders
Excellent website with resources, information, cultural perspectives, and testimonials ("in their own words")

National Eating Disorders Association
Good general source of information on types of disorders, treatment resources, latest developments

Mental Health & Psychotherapy:

Considered to be a reliable & trustworthy source of information about a broad range of mental health topics, support communities, and self-help

Suicide Prevention, Information, & Resources
Offers advice on what to do if you are suicidal, as well as information, support, and resources

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
A national organization for those with all forms of PTSD, including (but not limited to) trauma in childhood, medical crises, crime victims, military and war trauma. Offers professional articles, resources, first person testimonials, supportive communities for those who suffer and their families, and much more.

Girls' Health & Wellness:

Girls' Health
A great website from for girls and young women on physical and mental health; "Be Healthy.Be Happy.Be You.Beautiful." Lots of great info on health, body image, emotions, fitness, healthy nutrition, what to do if you or a friend are having problems, with special features and girls' sharing their questions and concerns.

Women's Health & Wellness:

The Labor of Love
Abundant information on fertility, pregnacy, childbirth, parenting, menopause, and more (including both psychological and physical aspects)

Resources for Abuse and Domestic Violence:

Women's Law
Legal information & support for victims of domestic violence & sexual assault, both for women and teens (dating & relationship violence)

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